Company Philosophy

The corporate philosophy brings together and governs the major foundations of our actions towards our customers, our employees and our external partners. All of our choices and actions are based on corporate social responsibility and focus on quality, health, safety, the environment, equal opportunities and sustainable development.

Thus, particular emphasis is placed on the development of innovative technical solutions in line with the real needs of our customers. In its quest for operational excellence and customer satisfaction, the company favours synergies while following a “zero defect – zero delay” approach. Acting as professionals, in compliance with its commitments, the Management encourages continuous improvement by relying on the participation and experience of its employees and partners and in compliance with the normative and regulatory watch. It is also committed to providing a framework that encourages basic and continuous training for its employees, as well as promoting collective intelligence, creativity and autonomy in the performance of tasks. Attentive to perpetuating a company with integrity and on a human scale where each of its employees can develop and grow, it is no less aware that its financial and decision-making independence also remains a fundamental asset in its development.


With sustainability as one of the key elements of our future, we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint. This common-sense, long-term vision is at the heart of our strategy for responsible development and expansion.

SOTTAS SA involves all stakeholders, both internal and external to the organisation, in its efforts to address environmental, social, economic and ethical issues. Both the use of its energy resources and the circularity of its business model throughout the product life cycle represent essential values for its future development.

Our medium and long term investment plan is not only digitalized but also inspired by old technologies aiming at reducing our energy needs and waste. The choice of consumables and construction materials is carefully studied in order to always achieve the best technological and environmental compromise.


As safety is a key element, guaranteeing the durability of our activity and the health of our employees, we consider the physical and mental integrity of each individual to be a priority.

We are proactive in involving, training and encouraging all employees and business partners to behave in a compliant manner, in strict compliance with the regulations and internal standards of SOTTAS SA.