Company Philosophy

The corporate culture and the attitude of each of our employees are strongly influenced by our company philosophy.


We attach great importance to offering our customers personalized services. Through development and integration of all of our professional activities and involving our partners and suppliers, we are able to optimally use the synergies for the benefit of our customers.


Due to our presence as a major supplier on the Swiss steel construction and metal facade market, with an openness to Europe, we promote the steel and metal construction industry.


We are known for professionalism and act at a high level in terms of quality, deadlines, security and permanent development. On the one hand we recognise the skills and achievements of every employee in a healthy environment, with a high-performance organization and constantly modernised working equipments, on the other hand we promote and assure further trainings in the professions of steel construction and metal facades.


Finally we intend to remain a company with integrity and manageable size by maintaining the family character and its financial independence.