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Because a company wants to constantly challenge and renew itself, SOTTAS SA invests in research and development. A team of highly specialised engineers is dedicated solely to the development of new products and forms a separate entity.

  • A building standard

    The focus of the label, which is intended for new and renovated buildings, is on living and working comfort for users. This is guaranteed by a high-quality building envelope and systematic air renewal.

  • A reference value

    The specific energy consumption is a reference value to determine the quality required for the construction. The only relevant data is the amount of final energy applied.

  • Free choice

    Clients, architects and planners are free to choose their materials.

  • Detection of weak points

    To ensure the best possible quality, our engineers check the finished building envelope with a thermographic camera to detect any weak points.

  • Non-destructive testing

    Infrared cameras instantly show even the smallest thermal contrasts. Thus, they can help to identify various types of defects, without contact, from a distance and in a non-destructive way.

  • Reliable diagnosis

    Infrared cameras are the preferred solution of building experts for a quick, reliable and accurate diagnosis as well as a more detailed energy audit of an entire building.

CECB (Cantonal Energy Certificate for Official Buildings)
  • An official certificate

    The CECB shows on the one hand the efficiency of the building envelope and on the other hand the amount of energy required for a building to be used in a standard way. This applies to existing buildings as well as to new constructions.

  • An energy label

  • An advisory report

    The weak points of the building are listed. A budget is then drawn up which is adapted to the needs and investment possibilities, and the measures are prioritised.