Sustainable development

SOTTAS SA wants to leave a lasting and positive mark on the Swiss building landscape, while respecting quality, safety and deadlines. 

In order to preserve resources as much as possible, it is our duty to invest and act concretely in the following ways: 

  • By inspiring those around us to act in the most respectful way possible 
  • By advocating a SWISS MADE label and being specialists in environmental labels 
  • By optimally planning and optimising the building envelope of the buildings we construct, and by ensuring the choice of environmentally friendly materials 
  • Continuously improving our carbon footprint and thus reducing our impact 
  • Optimising and digitalising our manufacturing processes 
  • Investing massively in renewable energy, for example by covering all our roofs with photovoltaic panels
Sottas SA Construction métallique Charpente Façade Stahl- und Metallbau_Fassade Metallic constructions-Steel structure Facades

We are not only ISO 9001 certified but also EN 1090 for steel and aluminum structures up to class EXC4, because quality work is a foundation of the company.

Thanks to the LEAN philosophy, we work every day to improve our processes and add value to them, with the aim of satisfying the customer.

We stand for ``Swiss made`` quality because we know that a building built to Swiss standards offers a longer life to the client and users.

As a precursor with our own badge system, we guarantee the client and his representatives identified and controlled personnel on all our sites. Our own assembly teams offer us responsiveness and work according to the rules of the trade.

The ISO45001 certification guarantees to the stakeholders on the building sites the sensitivity of the company to the health and safety of our employees, whether in the workshop, offices or assembly.

Our safety officer ensures that our working environment is safe, ergonomic and of high quality. He also ensures the training of our employees and the support of our system, as well as the respect of our commitments.

EcoEntreprise (excellence), ISO 14001 and Ecovadis certifications are a matter of course in a context of energy shortages and depletion of resources. Each action must be well thought out and sustainable.

A working group of engineers is working on the facades of tomorrow to develop tailor-made solutions including connected elements, predictive maintenance and huge energy savings.

Steel is by definition sustainable, due to its modular construction and high recycling rate (99%). Aluminium is guaranteed to be a secondary raw material. In addition, we encourage a policy of Re-Use, giving a second life to elements.

Sottas SA is a founding member of the School of Metal and Design, whose aim is to supervise and train first-year apprentices. Our apprentices regularly win awards in Switzerland and have the opportunity to participate in international competitions.

To support the promotion of the industry, in-house training programmes and seminars are offered to our employees to contribute to their professional and personal development.

Employees who are particularly committed to their profession work as teachers, experts and also as speakers at specific technical events.