Guided by the values of transparency and clarity, placing people at the center of our thinking, we wanted to build a professional environment worthy of the landscapes that surround the factory. This adventure is led by enthusiasts who are motivated by a love of the profession, work and beauty.



40 engineers advise and carry out static calculations, fire resistance, earthquake resistance, as well as thermal and burglar-proof calculations. They design and optimize all types of constructions, combining technical expertise and mastery of architectural finishing requirements.

Technical office

Using most of the office space of more than 3,500 m2, our draughtspersons and technicians design and model in 2D or 3D the most daring constructions and manage the production using specific software. 


On more than 26’000m2 and in an ultra-modern technical environment, highly qualified workers and their assistants work in separate workshops for steel, aluminium, stainless steel and surface treatment. 

Sandblasting and painting installations

A dedicated surface treatment team works in a separate workshop, equipped with high-capacity overhead cranes, for the treatment of both steel structure and façade products. It also tests innovative, fire-resistant or solvent-free paints. 

Test center

In order to guarantee a high quality of construction in compliance with the applicable standards, a test centre is available at the factory. It allows for life-size simulation of the watertightness of the façade elements as well as, for example, a test simulation of wear and tear of blinds.


3 EURO 6 trucks take care of all our transports and thus offer maximum flexibility. A low loader and a truck with a crane complete the equipment. 

Installation teams

Between 70 and 100 installers work throughout Switzerland. The proximity to the company and the ability to listen to the customer on the construction site enable them to guarantee quality work and perpetuate the Sottas spirit. 


Trucks, semi-trailers, low-loaders, crane trucks, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, forklifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts, cars, vans, trailers and construction containers make up the logistics fleet. 

Factory Production Control (FPC) and integrated security 

Safety is everyone’s business. It takes priority over questions of performance or prestige. This is why the company is OHSAS 18001 certified and has implemented a badge system that identifies installers and guarantees compliance with the legal and safety framework. 

General services

In order to ensure that the projects are carried out in the best possible conditions, particular emphasis is placed on supervision by the company’s internal departments (human resources, finance, purchasing, IT). 

Maintenance including vehicles

A large fleet of vehicles implies a repair and maintenance department located in the basement of the company.