Sustainable development

SOTTAS SA intends to respect its commitments in terms of quality, deadlines, safety and sustainable development through the promotion of the metal construction industry.

We believe that it is our duty to start building the future without delay, step by step, one action at a time

  • Through a general awareness
  • By a SWISS MADE label
  • By a steel construction, by definition recyclable and modular throughout the life cycle of the building.
  • Through optimal planning of the building envelope, in partnership with physicists, and a choice of ecological materials.
  • By optimizing manufacturing processes.
  • Through a company’s commitment to renewable energies, for example Grätzel cells.

We are not only ISO 9001 certified but also EN 1090 for steel and aluminum structures up to class EXC4, because quality work is a foundation of the company

For many years, highly qualified personnel have set up a system of production control, as well as circles of progress involving personnel.

We defend a 'Swiss made' quality because we know that a building constructed with Swiss standards offers a longer lifespan to the owner and users.

Our own badge system guarantees the Contracting Authority and agent personnel identified and checked on our sites.

OHSAS 18001 certification guarantees to stakeholders on construction sites the company's sensitivity to the health and safety of our employees, whether in the workshop, offices or assembly.

For many years, a safety officer has ensured the training of our employees and support for our system, as well as compliance with the safety charter

ISO 14001 certification is a consistent and logical development for our company. We are sensitive to the environment and want to support it in a targeted and sustainable way.

Steel is by definition durable, due to modular constructions and the high degree of recycling (99% for profiles). Aluminum is guaranteed to be second cast.

We participate in targeted projects, particularly in industrial ecology and internally develop innovative solutions from an environmental point of view, such as the application of solvent-free paint for example.

Sottas SA is a founding member of the Metal School, whose aim is to supervise and train first-year apprentice builders. In this sense, a trainer is hired full time.

Continuing education programs and internal seminars are offered to our employees to contribute to their professional and personal development.

Employees who are particularly committed to their profession work as teachers or experts, as well as as speakers during specific technical events.