Creation of the company Glass2energy (G2e)

SOTTAS SA participates in the creation of the company Glass2energy (G2e) which started in 2011.

Also known as “Grätzel” cells, “photosensitive pigment cells” (often referred to by their English names: dye-sensitized solar cell, DSSc, DSC or DYSC),Grätzel cells were named after their designer, Michael Grätzel, from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Currently the colours available are red, orange, green, brown, with shades. Other colours are under development.

Solar cell technology is often referred to as artificial photosynthesis, analogous to chlorophyll in leaves.

Cell performance: The radiation from the sun varies with the condition of the sky. The radiation values are between 50-1000 W/m2.

On 01 July 2016, several panes of glass with light-sensitive pigment solar cells were installed around our cafeteria terrace.