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The Sottas SA Company offers apprenticeship positions in the following areas of metal construction:
  • designer specialised in façade or steel structure
  • draughtspersonspecialised in façade or steel structure  
  • administrative clerk
  • computer scientist
  • facade multi-builder
  • logistician


Design of metal structures is on the rise and training in this field brings great career prospects. Two excellent reasons for the company SOTTAS SA, in collaboration with 3 other companies in the branch, to join forces. Together, they decided to build a Metal School in Bulle and to offer young people the opportunity to train as a metal builder. 

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Program of the training


This structure is responsible for supervising and training apprentices during their 1st year. A full-time training manager provides them with a very complete basic training using practical exercises and carrying out small production work for the 4 associated companies. 


From the 2nd to the 4th year, the apprentices return to the company under the responsibility of the apprenticeship supervisor and thus complete the solid background acquired during the 1st year. Throughout the apprenticeship, the Metal School trainer works with the company apprenticeship masters and oversees the training program. It organizes a practical revision course in the 3rd and 4th year to prepare for the CFC. 


Improvement of quality


Increasing the quality of training is a driving force behind the project. Particular attention is therefore devoted to it, considering the transfer of knowledge and the achievement of concrete objectives. 


In order to perpetuate this training, the 4 companies have decided to build a structure specific to the School and to provide apprentices with high quality premises; The inauguration of the new building took place in the fall of 2015. 



Our human resources department are at your disposal for further information. 


Designer – metalworkers work out the details of facade and steel constructions or locksmith work (doors, windows, etc.) using specialized computer software in 2D or 3D.

At SOTTAS SA, they work in the technical office (facades, steel structure or All in One), surrounded by technicians, engineers and project managers and have regular contact with workshop production, purchasing and assembly departments.

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There are two ways to become a designer – metalworker:


  • After completing the Swiss Certificate of Proficiency as a metalworker, there is the possibility of continuing the training for 2 years in order to acquire a 2nd Swiss Certificate of Proficiency as a designer – metalworker. These additional two years take place in a company 4 days per week and attending classes in Morges 1 day per week.
  • By following an apprenticeship for 4 years as follows:
    • 1st year at the Metal School in Bulle, 3 to 4 days/week (the drawing section opened its doors in 2021), and 1 day/week classes in Morges.
    • 2nd to 4th year: internship in a company, 4 days/week and 1 day/week classes in Morges.
      Interprofessional courses take place in Tolochenaz for 3 weeks per year.


Our human resources department are at your disposal for further information